Freedom 2 Save

If you have student loans, you no longer need to choose between paying off your student debt and saving for your future. Abbott makes it easy to do BOTH with our innovative Freedom 2 Save program.

and pay off your loans faster

With Freedom 2 Save (F2S), as long as your student loan payments are 2% of your eligible pay, Abbott will make an annual 5% contribution into your Stock Retirement Plan (SRP) account – without having to make contributions on your own! That lets you pay down your loan while still getting the 5% SRP “match” from Abbott.

Want to get even more out of F2S? If you were considering making SRP contributions at the same time as your loan payments, simply redirect the money you would have contributed to the SRP into your loan payments instead. That way you’ll pay down your loan debt faster, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in loan interest.


Use the calculator below to see how F2S may benefit you. The graph assumes you’re enrolled in the program, your loan payments are at least 2% of your eligible pay, and you are not making SRP contributions.

  • STEP 1: Enter your personal details to the right of the graph to reflect your current situation.
  • STEP 2: Then, move the slider to the left to see how redirecting your SRP contribution toward your loan could help you pay it off sooner and save on interest.
  • STEP 3: Move the slider to the right to see how your SRP balance will grow if you do not enroll in F2S and make regular SRP contributions instead.


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See The Impact of Contributing More

to either your loan payments or your own SRP contributions

Make Additional Loan Payments

and you’ll pay off the loan sooner

Make SRP contributions

instead of F2S
1 %
of pay
of pay

Loan Payoff Time:

12.6 YEARS 12.6 YEARS

SRP Balance – At Loan Payoff:

$59,949 $86,224

Loan Interest Savings:

$0 $0

Current Abbott Pay

Current Monthly Loan Payment

Loan Balance

Loan Interest Rate

Estimates assume 2% annual pay increases and 5% rate of return in the SRP. It’s also assumed that, after loan payoff, you redirect the equivalent of your loan payment amount into the SRP. NOTE: SRP “stepping” reflects Abbott’s annual account contributions.


All employees who are eligible to participate in the US SRP are eligible to enroll in Freedom 2 Save. Eligible employees can sign up for F2S on their first day of employment. For more details, visit the F2S enrollment page.


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